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What I Wore: Stripes on Stripes on Plaids

These photos are really dark. I tried to clean them up in Photoshop, but I may have made them worse. If I’m going to start doing the What I Wore posts again, I’m going to need to fix this lighting issue. There’s really no good place to take these pictures anywhere in our apartment. Good lighting would improve that, though. I’m working on it.




Scarf was my great grandma’s
Plaid shirt from Goodwill
Green stripey dress from Goodwill
Blue tank from Old Navy
Stripey long johns from Patagonia
Stripey Socks from Sock Dreams
Supra shoes from Buffalo Exchange
Sassy look from day 1, bitches

What I Wore: A Coordinated Attack on Good Taste




Kerchief from REI
Sweater from the Thrift Store
Emerald Green Tank from Old Navy
Blue and Grey striped long-sleeve from Old Navy via the Thrift Store
Flower dress from Tom’s Wear
Plaid Skirt from the Thrift Store
Blue long john pants from REI
Socks were a gift from Ben’s sister, Mara
Supra shoes from Buffalo Exchange

What I Wore: Early Spring

It’s been a minute.

Jacket from Patagonia
Atari shirt was Ben’s
Striped shirt from Target
Skirt from Target
Long-john legs from REI
Socks from Target
Shoes from Keen

Halloween Nails


Sadly, I don’t have much else to contribute.

I binge watched some of the new shows. Forever is like New Amsterdam, except not broody, and not nearly as vapid. I think it works. I like it, and I want it to do well. The big bugaboo mystery that they’re starting is sort of a whatever for me, but I understand why they need it. Maybe I’ll settle down and be into it as we go along.

Selfie is actually way more engaging than I thought it would be. Come for the Karen Gillian/John Show ship, stay for the Karen Gilliam/Accessories OTP. It’s trying to make me feel Better Off Ted feels, and it’s almost kind of nearly there. The casual sexual assault the boss seems to visit on the entire office is for sure an analogy for how C-suite dick bags are raping our country. I’m in for now.

I watched exactly 15 minutes of Blackish before Ben made me turn it to a drama. He hates sitcoms. I think I’m onboard. I laughed my ass off a couple of times. And I relate to a lot of the shit going on. You don’t want to be promoted or hired just because of your ethnicity, but ethnicity is kind of a selling point in some places, so you use it, but then you don’t want to get labeled, but you also don’t want to be a sell out… the struggle is real. I’m definitely going to watch more. I’m not sure how they’re going to make a whole show about it, but I always think that about sitcoms. The sits always seem to get so stale.

Anyway. Work is, of course and as usual, taking up all of my time and brain power which is why it’s basically all I can do at the end of the day to turn on the Hulu and paint my damn nails.

You Are Now Reading the Blog of Someone Who Has Been on Television. I Know. I Feel It Too.

As you probably know from yesterday’s blog, at 10 pm last night Peter Paras and I were on Open Source with Leon Krauze to talk about video games. A clip of the segment is online, which you can click here to see. I’m super stoked that they included my shout out to lady gamers in the online clip.

Everybody at Fusion was really nice, the atmosphere there is totally laid back. I was pretty nervous about being on TV before I got there, but it dropped way down by the time we went on set. Peter and I spent the first segment of the show in the green room totally nerding out on the games we love and talking about the systems. Then we went into the studio and talked to Leon, who was totally chill. I had a mountain of fun. I was basically giddy by the time we left. So giddy, in fact that I made Peter take a selfie with me in the parking lot.

One hundred and ten stars, would do again.

Bonus What I Wore on TV:

Scarf was my great grandmother’s

Vest is from Ross

Green V-Neck T is from The Gap

Blue V-Neck long sleeved is from The Gap

Pink Skirt is from The Gap

Lace Underskirt is handmade by Kate’s sister Sheryl (who’s lesbian wedding we will be attending this weekend, BTW!)

I’ve listed the tights as being both from Many Hands Trading and Sibling Ravelry in Corvallis, Oregon, so I have no idea where they really came from. Unfortunately, this was their last ride (after only 10 or so). I am too much woman for these tights. They started the day with a grape sized hole in the crotch which is now so large that the left tight leg is only half attached. So long tights, I hardly knew ye.

Houndstooth converse hi-tops from a vintage store that no longer exists

Dog from my grandma via Craigslist

Does This Lipstick Match My Mustache?

That’s a trick question. Everything goes with mustache. Mustache is the new black.

Fresh out of the shower. Am about to go wash about half the clothing we own. Decided I needed to do so in style.







Seriously, that Stila is fucking Krylon. It doesn’t stop.
Daylight, beginning of the day
After 6 straight hours of packing, hauling, washing, drying, folding and, rehauling about 10 loads of laundry. No reapplication. Krylon.
Bonus: Look at what we found when we were making our Goodwill pile!

What I Wore: Sorry Actual Lesbians

This morning I’m pretty sure I became someone’s story about how young queers are doomed because we have no idea of our history or our circumstances. A guy in the elevator looked me up and down, decided that if I wasn’t a lesbian, I was probably at least on the good side of the issue, and started to talk to me about something Justice Ginsberg said about skim milk. Since this happened during one section of one day of a court case the ruling of which isn’t even expected until June at the earliest, I had no clue what he was talking about. Then he tried to tell me about the differences in legal arguments between the DOMA and Prop 8 cases, and just as my eyes started to glaze over, he said his goodbyes and moved on. So, my apologies to any actual lesbians, I confess I didn’t even know the names of the two ladies who’s inheritance tax issue brought DOMA to the court’s attention. In the future I will endeavor to be better at walking around with short hair.

Blue Crochet Cowl by me, and you can buy it on my Etsy store
Hoodie made by REI
Calvin Klein Dress from Macy’s
Doc Martins from a shop that doesn’t exist anymore