What I Wore: Special Guest Star

Pepper was really excited to be included in this outfit post. I’m not actually sure if you can tell that because her ears are plastered to her neck like we’re about to punish her for something. But, rest assured, she expressed her joy quite well in other ways. Like licking me all over my face and neck.

We’ve been seeing those ears come up a little more lately, which is really nice, but she still looks terrified every time she gets excited about something. I’m not entirely sure why she puts her ears back when she’s happy, she doesn’t do it all the time. Usually she reserves it for when she’s excited about us, like when we come home for work, or when we’re about to give her a treat. The closer she is to us, the more her ears will go back.

I’m trying a little bit of the Tellington T Touch, and to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s real helpful, although I guess it probably helps her acclimate to being touched by us in a non-stressful manner. I tried some on the cat too. She’s not amused.

You can see evidence of her derpy tooth in this photo, where it sort of looks like she’s growling at me, but she’s not:

They see me derpin’, they hatin’

Glasses are Bebe (I wear them when my eyes are overtired)
Shirt is from the Thrift Store
Skirt is from Torrid
Leggings from Target
Shoes are (of course) Merrell