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Pokémon 3: Jane Griffen


NAME: Jane Griffen

ORIGIN STORY: Jane is starting to realize this isn’t a Tae Bo intensive.

Fun fact: After drawing this, I realized that a resting heart rate of 70 is actually not that impressive, since my own resting heart rate is 74. Oops.

Pokémon 2: Mad Dog McConnel

I choose this one.
I choose this one.

NAME: Mad Dog McConnel

ORIGIN STORY: Mad Dog started doing wetwork for the Irish mob at the tender age of 11. His special move was to use his multiple tails to choke people to death, then swiftly flee from the scene.

By twenty six, he realized that the only thing that made him happy anymore was murder, but he really hated the politics involved with being a mobster. He heard that a local teenager was starting a gang with no posturing or power struggles, and Mad Dog was quick to sign up.

McConnel considers himself to be completely fulfilled in his life choices today.


Pokémon 1: Lief the Backpack Thief


Friend Chief suggested that I attempt to name all 151 original Pokémon after I told him I only know Pikachu, Charmander and Q-Bone… who apparently isn’t even an original Pokemon, now that I see this chart.

Anyway, I decided to do him one better and not only name them, but also give them origin stories, and draw them. I know everybody is doing this, but I don’t care. Pokémon are simple and fun and god damnit, people like them.

NAME: Lief the Backpack Thief

ORIGIN STORY: Lief had a happy childhood. No one suspected that he’d grow up to be, not only a backpack thief, but also involved in a 24/7 D/s poly relationship with a teenage boy. How it all went so wrong has more to do with history than with Lief himself.

The young dinosaur had a promising career on Wall Street, but he lost everything the day his boss turned out to be Bernie Madoff.

High on cocaine, Lief wandered the tall grass looking for a daddy to take him in and love him forever. Fortunately, he found Ash. Unfortunately, a fungal infection fused his most recently stolen backpack to his back and he can never take it off. It serves as a monument to his shameful criminal past.


Drawing is based solely on the tiny pixel image you see above and no other references.