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Short Post


Ben got a full time job. Full time freelancing really isn’t his style. He was really stressed out by it, which was stressing me out. His first day of work was today, and I felt really productive in the office for the first time in months. I think this is going to be a good change for both of us. In the meantime, we’re both waking up earlier than usual, so I am completely exhausted.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how I got poop on my dog. Not my poop. Just. Poop.

Head. Hurts

I forgot to eat for most of today, so now I have this splitting fucking headache.

And now that I finally did eat dinner, I feel like I’m just inches from puking it all up. Not in a purgey way. In a my head hurts so fucking bad I’m honestly not sure if I can keep this down way.

This is probably a bad time to mention that I actually think, all things considered, that working the first step in regard to disordered eating has really been helping me.

I gotta go to sleep. Here’a a sketch I found in an old notebook.


Where Sub-Plots Come From

Welcome to the EVIL BAD GUY Mercenary Guild.
Everyone will be given a standard issue Battered Journal in which you will make a detailed record of your crimes.
Isn’t that evidence? | Yeah, that could be used against us.
It’s not evidence, you idiots. It’s world building.
World whating?