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Tired Fat Girl Loves Portland, Blue Walls

I know, you guys never watch my videos. My last video has 4 views, and three of them are mine. I feel like I’m cheating just making one, but I couldn’t finish a single post. Believe me, I tried. I’m just too tired.

Also, fun fact, this piece of shit was recorded with the phone facing the wrong way, and it took an entire hour to upload, so I probably could have at least written a couple hundred words in that time, but it spent a full half hour stuck at 87%. Happy fucking 1 am nobody. Because that’s who’s awake right now: nobody. I have shit to do tomorrow. This is poop.

This cat gif will express my rage.

You Are Now Reading the Blog of Someone Who Has Been on Television. I Know. I Feel It Too.

As you probably know from yesterday’s blog, at 10 pm last night Peter Paras and I were on Open Source with Leon Krauze to talk about video games. A clip of the segment is online, which you can click here to see. I’m super stoked that they included my shout out to lady gamers in the online clip.

Everybody at Fusion was really nice, the atmosphere there is totally laid back. I was pretty nervous about being on TV before I got there, but it dropped way down by the time we went on set. Peter and I spent the first segment of the show in the green room totally nerding out on the games we love and talking about the systems. Then we went into the studio and talked to Leon, who was totally chill. I had a mountain of fun. I was basically giddy by the time we left. So giddy, in fact that I made Peter take a selfie with me in the parking lot.

One hundred and ten stars, would do again.

Bonus What I Wore on TV:

Scarf was my great grandmother’s

Vest is from Ross

Green V-Neck T is from The Gap

Blue V-Neck long sleeved is from The Gap

Pink Skirt is from The Gap

Lace Underskirt is handmade by Kate’s sister Sheryl (who’s lesbian wedding we will be attending this weekend, BTW!)

I’ve listed the tights as being both from Many Hands Trading and Sibling Ravelry in Corvallis, Oregon, so I have no idea where they really came from. Unfortunately, this was their last ride (after only 10 or so). I am too much woman for these tights. They started the day with a grape sized hole in the crotch which is now so large that the left tight leg is only half attached. So long tights, I hardly knew ye.

Houndstooth converse hi-tops from a vintage store that no longer exists

Dog from my grandma via Craigslist

I’m Going To Be On Television?

Today, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013 at 10 pm. on Open Source with Leon Krauze on the new Latinoamerican bridge builing cable channel Fusion.

Also guesting will be LA Times’ music and video games critic Todd Martens Topless Robot and E! Online contributor Peter Paras. We’ll talk new consoles and new games.

If you happen to get that channel, DVR that shit for me, because you know we don’t have the TVs.

If the segment goes online, I’ll include a link.

Also HAHAHAHAHA I’ve never been on a real TV show before! A 2000 census commercial, yes*. Actual television. No.

*Don’t get excited. I was 14, I stood in an empty elementary school with about 300 other kids wearing school clothes and backpacks, and when the AD made the “walk” motion we all walked through the halls and into the classrooms. In the actual commercial we were completely blurred out with heavy block letters about how important the census is in the foreground, and you can’t even tell who was who. Which is probably a good thing because I totally looked straight into the camera like a dingus.

What’s on my Desk?

I was too tired to blog, so I recorded this video, and ended up staying awake an extra hour waiting for it to upload.


Marina Is Go on Etsy

At long last, I am proud to announce the launch of my Etsy store, Marina Is Go.

The music in this video, along with many more equally professional tracks can be found at the artist, Depard‘s AudioJungle store. His prices are really good.

Now that the major work of the initial push is done, I’m hoping it can be something that runs in the background. I’ll blog about my listings, and keep a link in the sidebar, maybe even have an ad in a post here and there to drum up business if I feel like it. My intention is to have it as a small time income generator, and as a marketing exercise. Not a lot of other venues can showcase all my skills (design, writing, marketing, video) in the way that an Etsy store can while developing new skills like photography and business management.

If you know anybody who would like a promo for their Etsy store (or any other kind of store), email me and we can talk rates.

The Kitten Initiative

So the other day I was wondering what it would look like if I replaced all instances of the n word in a given hip-hop video with a picture of a kitten and a robot saying “kitten.” So I did. And it makes me extremely happy.