My Dog Hates Children

We had grandma’s goodbye BBQ tonight. I was worried almost literally sick over what kind of bullshit would/could occur all fucking morning. But nothing happened. It was very pleasant and nice, and everybody behaved.

Except for Pepper, who barked and lunged at the neighbor’s six year old because she was skipping. I am really not sure what to do with this dog in terms of her children issues. We don’t exactly have access to a group of friendly, obedient children who won’t be traumatized for life at the prospect of repeated, controlled dog attack. But without a safe space for her to experience children and not be freaked out or mistreated by them, she’s just going to stay like that until we have children of our own for her to stress out over.

In other news, we started watching season two of The Legend of Kora, and I find myself hating her more than a little bit. She’s a stubborn know-it-all who takes her stress out on the people who love her the most and operates like a self-important princess when it’s obvious she’s just an ignorant, scared girl trying to inflate her own ego in place of actual self-esteem. Basically, all the things I hate about her are all the things we have in common. I pointed this out to Ben, and he tactfully informed me that I may be right. Still love the show. Of course. If Bolin is my jam, then Vacation Tenzin is my spirit animal.

I meant to write more, even started a very important-feeling post on the follies of 3rd wave feminism before I realize that I am too exhausted to be trying not to offend people right now. So here is a drawing.


Not you. Don’t make it weird.

MORNING UPDATE: The dog had a massive fit twice last night, both times involved barking as loud as she could while running around the house. So not only did she wake us up, we had to try and catch her as she evaded us. Super fun. As a result, I woke up the second time at about 2:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep until nearly 6. I feel like the inside of my skin was washed out with a pressure washer and and tugged on haphazardly. Basically, I’m a mess. Happy Monday everyone.