Short Post


Ben got a full time job. Full time freelancing really isn’t his style. He was really stressed out by it, which was stressing me out. His first day of work was today, and I felt really productive in the office for the first time in months. I think this is going to be a good change for both of us. In the meantime, we’re both waking up earlier than usual, so I am completely exhausted.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how I got poop on my dog. Not my poop. Just. Poop.

2 Replies to “Short Post

  1. Getting a new job has to be the most stressful thing ever, I feel for Ben
    I too have just started a new job, which is out of my comfort zone
    About 4 times a day I could just quit it. Only time can give a clear answer as to the outcome.
    Hang in there Ben for at least 8 weeks. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I think he’s really happy there. Being slightly out of your depth on a job is a good thing, in my opinion. Because eventually you’re going to assimilate, and be better than before. The issue I had with my old job was that I was constantly pushing to do more complicated and interesting projects and they reached a point where they weren’t interested in that. That’s when it’s time to move on.

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