What I Wore: Cicrus Tent

So today after work, I was finally able to make it to the police station before they closed at 9 only to learn that the police report the lady at the bank told me they could “just print out” would take another week to get to me. When I asked if there was anything else she could give me, I got a number.

Was there some kind of world-wide ineffective bureaucracy meeting out there where they decided that every step of every process has to take “a week to 10 days?” This douche stole my money, and if that number isn’t enough for the bank I’ll have to wait another week to wait another other week to get my fucking money back. I can already see them having some kind of time limit on trying to get it back too. Tomorrow (today as of the posting date) is the last day of February. Rent’s gotta be paid.

Anyway, this outfit looks way better in person. I always get compliments on this dress, but in the photographs I just look like a weather balloon. It must be the repeating pattern. I guess you’ll have to take my word for it, I look hot.

Maroon shirt from the thrift store
Dress was a gift of a friend
Socks are from Target
Dansko clogs are from REI