Because Fuck Labor Day

You’re getting an outfit post because the WordPress app on my phone crashed and deleted the last half of what was supposed to be today’s blog… just as I was trying to save it. I was so mad I could have drop kicked that phone into Southern Kentucky. But, that just means I get to share this great outfit with you, and also talk a little bit about the idea of attractiveness, and how much bullshit I think it is.

So this outfit would probably be on a list of fatty fashion don’ts. Light colors highlight my rolls, capri leggings make my short fat legs look even shorter and fatter, and I’m actually wearing this belt on the worst possible place if I wanted this outfit to be “flattering.” But in the words of fashion designer Gisela Ramirez, Fuck Flattering.

I think there’s something to be said for wearing clothes that accentuate your “assets,” but I also think there’s something to be said for telling the concept of “assets” to fuck right off and die. If I want to wear white, and strap a belt around my spare tire, I’m fucking gonna. Because I want to. And if I end up looking squared off, or lumpy, or fatter than I actually am, who gives a shit? I like white, and low waists and sometimes I want to wear them anyway. So I do. It feels good to not try and ‘flatter’ away my actual shape or put so much stock into imitating something I’m never going to be.

And let me tell you, this outfit was insanely comfortable.

White minidress from The Gap
Grey tank (not pictured) from The Gap
Tan belt from Target
Black Leggings from Target
Shoes are Birkenstock

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