What I Wore: Rage

I know I talked about it yesterday, but I am loving The Steel Remains so incredibly hard right now. I’m half way through and I don’t want this book to ever end. Ringil is such an unmitigated bad ass, I wish I were awesome enough to have him as my spirit animal. At a time in my life where I’m feeling like I need to reclaim some of the massive, fire-breathing rage it took me years to learn how to stop from being my first response to things, this character is helping to guide me back to my core.

I notice that there are times when a little blunt force goes a long fucking way, and I have stopped taking advantage of those times. I did so in the interest of being able to live in society and be employed and have friends, but I think I’ve taken the nice girl routine a little too far as of late. For example, I never would have had to wait two weeks with my thumb up my ass in an apartment with a broken toilet, just wishing someone would notice my patient daily calls and pleasant messages before. I mean, they probably would have tried to evict me for the fit I threw and then not fixed my toilet for two weeks out of spite. But that’s why life is about balance. Sometimes it’s just nice to let people know you’re upset. Not get abusive of course, but not continue to be polite past the point of their rudeness.

Anyway, our toilet got fixed today (at long last), and only after I threw a micro-fit on the phone with the management company. But I came home to see some dirty water drips leading from the living room and into the bathroom, which is totally normal, but I also saw them extend about 2 feet into the bedroom, which I am not overly fond of. The plumber also left his sweater here, so I’m going to text him and tell him to a. come and get his shit and b. stay the hell out of my bedroom.

Next time it won’t take two weeks. They’ll wake up with my dick in their mouth if that’s how it has to be between us. It just takes so much more effort to be an asshole about everything.

UPDATE: Ben says that he thinks the spots leading into our bedroom are the dog’s footprints, not the plumbers, which actually makes more sense. So never mind about that bedroom part. Everything else stands. Cultivating rage, etc.

Striped shirt from Target
Maroon Shirt from Target
American Rag shorts from Macy’s
Deanna Cotton Ribbed Tights from Sock Dreams
Leg Warmers from Target
Dansko clogs from REI