Office Job

There’s a new temp at work who looks just like the Blake character on queer as folk.

Also, I saw an ad for tampons in a ‘no crinkle’ wrapper, and I’ve just got one thing to say. Kotex, you fucking ass-eaters, why are you reinforcing the idea that menstruation is a shameful thing, something we have to hide? What the fuck is wrong with you, is it because you’re a company created and run by men, who, last time I checked, have no idea what it’s like to bleed from their pussy for five days out of every month? Yeah, I think it is.

Also, I was just contemplating how there are dozens of gen X movies about how people feel suffocated by their boring office jobs, and how I am so fucking stoked to be working in an office, that it makes me happy everyday when I come up on the elevator into air conditioned bliss, and sit in front of a computer all day.