Happy and Crappy

Today I learned two things, one that is very cool and one that made me sad for a child-hood hero.

First, the one that made me sad, Avril Levigne and Marilyn Manson have been hanging out, they even painted each others nails! Marilyn! Why? Also, in the interview where I learned this, she told the reporter “All I do now is drink vodka straight”, in an attempt to punp up her new darker image. Oh, avril, you’re so much fucking cooler, I take back everything I ever said about you being a little sell-out cocksucking industry whore, vodka makes everything better. Your know who else drank vodka straight? Stalin. and you know who he was friends with? HITLER. That’s right. Avril and hitler have a lot in common.

O.K., now the thing that makes me too happy for words. HENRY FUCKING ROLLINS (who is actually a baddass, unlike avril)IS ONE OF THE DJ’S IN ORANGE COUNTY’S OWN 103.1, THE BEST RADIO STATION IN THE WHOLE SODDING WORLD. I already liked the station, but I had no idea that Rollins had a show. The article didn’t say when it is, but I’m sure I can find out, I’m soo happy I could pee!!!