And I would drive 500 miles

So this weekend I drove to San Diego and back twice, for Jeff, who can’t drive until Thursday if he gets his license. It wasn’t bad, I just listened to music and talked with him, and we laughed a lot. Nothing majorly fun happened, and I was ina really rotten mood on Saturday, but in retrospect, it was fun. I had a four day weekend. Got Friday off cause Regan kicked the bucket, and got Monday off cause my boss was in a conference, and I can’t get lot done without him around. He’s got the keys to the rooms I need to get into sometimes.

Also, last night Kate and I saw ‘Saved’, I’m seriously planning on seeing it again on Wednesday. There was one part that had nothing to do with the plot at all, but it was really funny. McCauly Kulkin played a kid in a wheelchair named Roland, and there was a scene where he was in a mall with some other characters talking a ways off, and he was holding a sign that said “will dance for food”, and everybody laughed and it was like a cute one liner, and then the camera cut back to the other kids talking, but then later it cut back to him and he was rocking his wheelchair back and forth ‘dancing’. It was witty. At first, I didn’t really want to see it, because it was about evangelical born again unwed teen mothers and their gay boyfriends, and I was not about to pay money for some tear jerker I can rent and watch alone,but it turned out to be absolutely hilarious. I recommend it to anyone, eyes optional even.