No Whammy, Not Stop, Gay Marriage in Oregon

Today we drove down to Corvallis for a belated Mother’s Day celebration. We made dinner for Ben’s parents. Or, more accurately, Ben made his parents dinner while I kept him company in the kitchen.


It was delicious, of course.

In the morning, we’re going to meet with our accountant in Corvallis, then drive to Salem for me to get some training on a job I recently got. So we’ll be in the capitol when Judge Michael McShane is set to hand down a decision on Oregon’s gay marriage ban. It looks to me like he’ll probably rule it unconstitutional, making gay marriage officially legal in the state. At first I was all excited that we’d present for that, but I just looked it up and as far as I can tell, McChane operates out of Eugene, two hours south of Salem.

But we’ll be (potentially) celebrating on our own in Salem. I case somebody was thinking of having a parade. Or an understated little dance party. Whatever.