Pretty Women

Since we moved to Portland, we’ve felt it necessary to start watching Grimm again. After a two or more year break, most of the minor characters are completely unrecognizable. Except that every hot woman looks exactly the same. As in, they all go to the giant eyes, pointy nose, blown out ducklips doctor.

Not that every woman isn’t beautiful in her own way. And that making the choice to carve your face into the exact same identical mask as every other 25+ year old with self esteem issues in the LA metro area isn’t a totally feminist act. But I’m getting a little tired of not being able to tell one character from another.

The dudes on this show might as well be the fucking rainbow connection. Every shape, shade and height. The ladies, on the other hand look like fucking Dr. Nick’s backup dancers.

And yes, I do mean Dr Nick from the Simpsons because they look like fucking Simpsons characters.