Freelancing Update

Quick recap: Friday, May 10 was my last day of full-time employment. Monday May 13 was my first day at my new company: Marina Martinez Consulting, a social media management and web marketing venture where I have worked harder than I have ever worked in my life. Or at least much harder than I’ve had to work in the last 5 years.

On more days than not, I’m still up working when Ben goes to bed (like today, for example). I’ve been trying really hard to at least enforce an hour break for lunch and 15 min breaks every couple of hours, but that’s touch and go. Today I got up to get food a couple of times, but then brought it back to my desk and worked while I ate, which I know leads to later exhaustion, but I wanted future me to pay for that. Well, the future is now and I’m having a really hard time making these words happen right now.

Moving on.

I no longer find myself getting depressed at 5:30, which is nice, but now it’s more like I’m just disoriented. The last couple of nights I’ve been nearly incoherent. It doesn’t help that last night some ladies got in a screaming match on the street in front of our building, and the night before I was too wound up thinking about work to sleep.

That being said, I’m doing considerably better on all fronts this week as opposed to last week and I’m overall really optimistic about the future, whatever that holds.

This image from the awesome webcomic Hyperbole and a Half has nothing to do with anything, but I felt bad leaving you with nothing.