Facebook Friends: Why I Remember How Many Twitter Followers You Have but Not My Mortgage Balance

a screen cap of a post I put on Facebook that has a blue and purple gradient and the words -- I have to do a dumb thing. Please give me blog ideas/questions so I can do a fun thing too. Ask me anything or whatever--

I love my Facebook friends. The dumb thing is over and now it’s time for ANSWERS!! And this got really long, so I’ll be breaking every answer into a separate post.

Friend Tiffany asked: What’s a weird quirky talent of yours that we don’t know about yet, or one that you’d be interested in learning?

A talent you don’t know about yet? I tend to be pretty upfront about my talents. Everybody knows I can talk a blue streak, but not many people know that I’m a stutterer, a mumbler, and that my lisp was much worse before I got braces. I went to speech therapy for three months in 5th grade. Then I was in theater so I learned how to project and the rest is (really loud) history.

I’m also ambidextrous, love painting (rooms, not pictures), and I have a partially photographic memory which is how I can remember numbers even though I don’t understand them at all. If I remember a number (241 Twitter followers, for example), it’s because I remember what it looks like written down or on a screen, not because I have an association between the shape 241 and the amount of people it represents. Which is another reason I frequently say “thirteen thousand (13,000)” when I mean “thirteen hundred (1,300).”

Oh, and I took a course in theater make-up in high school. I think I’m still better at doing other people’s make-up than my own. I also love doing special effects make-up like zombies or injuries but I don’t do it anymore because I don’t have occasion to. Even on Halloween.

Every year I want to do something gaudy and extravagant on Halloween but I’m usually too busy and too broke so I either throw something together at the last minute or I don’t do anything and feel sad all day.

The featured image is from the time I did zombie make-up for a commercial. More about that here.