Facebook Friends: Favorite Flower

a screen cap of a post I put on Facebook that has a blue and purple gradient and the words -- I have to do a dumb thing. Please give me blog ideas/questions so I can do a fun thing too. Ask me anything or whatever--

I love my Facebook friends. The dumb thing is over and now it’s time for ANSWERS!! And this got really long, so I’ll be breaking every answer into a separate post.

Friend Sarah in Canada asked: Favourite flower?

I have a lot of favorite flowers. My main squeeze has to be roses, of course. But I’m also a fan of Eucalyptus flowers because you can pull out their bristles and lick the edible nectar from the base of them. I love honeysuckle for the same reason.

Jasmine has a special place in my heart because it blooms on the first warm nights of Spring in LA and my childhood and young-adulthood is filled with memories of Jasmine on the breeze and the feeling of excitement for warm(er) weather and summer. Quiet evening moments in the city and the smell of Jasmine ghosting through the streets into car windows and along sidewalks is one of the few experiences I miss about Los Angeles.

Now that we live in Portland, I notice people growing dahlias and peonies in their gardens. I have a double peony in the garden of my new house and didn’t know what it was until Facebook told me. It’s definitely my favorite at the moment.