Dating Sim and Janis Joplin

So I’ve started planning my dating sim for this weekend’s jam. Here’s what I have so far:

Possible titles: Wrench in the Works, Stool Pigeon Heart, A Con Game Called Love, For Love and Money, Can’t Heist Me Love, The Brotherhood of the Heart, The Last Job, Retirement Money, Trail of Fire.

Plot summary: You are an accomplished thief with a crack team about to hit the biggest score of your life. You know that the decisions you make could land you in early retirement or an early grave, but the one eventuality you couldn’t have planned for is the eventuality of the heart.

Player – Weapons and tactics, ring leader, idea person. I’m seriously thinking of leaving the gender completely ambiguous.
Milo – Mild mannered old friend and faithful tech guy. He’s been there through thick and thin.
Dax – Flashy, charming face man. Always ready with a compliment and usually with a different lady on his arm every night.
Amy – Ex-Marine demolitions lady. Brassy, crass, and takes no bullshit.

On another note, tonight I’m going to see One Night with Janis Joplin at the Pasadena Playhouse with a few friends, so I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. My grandma’s friend went and according to her it’s all “loud music and flashing lights.” So I think we’ll be pleased. The tickets were a gift to Pepper for graduating from dog school from my grandma’s other friend who was not interested in the flashing lights and loud music show. Since dogs can’t go to the theater, I will be going in her place.

Oh yeah, Pepper graduated dog school this weekend.

To celebrate, she has decided that she is now terrified of her own harness.

Someday. Someday she will be a normal dog.