28 Things for 28 Years

Today I turn 28. I kind of like it. In fact, this is the first year in a lot of years that my birthday hasn’t been accompanied by crippling anxiety over what in doing with my life. I know that doesn’t come from me having everything I want. But maybe it comes from me feeling like I’m right where I need to be, doing things I like to do just because I like them. Like this blog. In a few weeks I’ll have been blogging 5 days a week for a full year now, and I’ll for sure have a post about that then, but I have to say I think 27 would have been a much less awesome year without blogging.

Anyway, here’s 28 things for my 28th birthday. In no particular order.

  1. I spent the morning crying because Neil Gaiman’s dog, Cabal has died. And I know, it’s not like I ever knew that dog, but I can’t take a story about a pet dying, especially a dog. It tears me apart.
  2. Apparently the Golden Globes were last night. Between you and me, I do not care for awards shows. I have the internet, I can watch douche bags suck their own dicks whenever I want. Unless you’re nominating me. In which case I am honored. Truly.
  3. So, after my complaint post about lame audiobooks on Friday, I downloaded Stephen Anabel’s The Fisher Boy. I’m only 45 minutes in, and already I hate every single character. I’m starting to think it’s me.
  4. My buddy Big Ben goes back to New York today, so we had a delicious Thai dinner with him and his family.
  5. For our birthdays Ben’s mom got is two boxes of books. One of them, The Arrival by Shaun Tan is the breakaway favorite so far. There are no words, just incredibly beautiful pencil drawings. It’s a fantasy story, set in a mystical world, but it’s also a vision of the best version of America, or at least the best version of what we could be and you should buy it.
  6. Hansell and Gretel witch Hunters

    The answer is yes.
  7. I guess Forever 21 is stealing shit now? Tumblr user MOOSEKLEENEX has had one of her drawings put on a Forever 21 shirt without their permission or payment. Full disclosure: I emailed them for a statement because I’m hoping to write more about this, especially if they continue to be non-responsive.
  8. I recently bought some clay for my grandma (of My Little Pony commentary fame ) so I went over to her house and we played with clay for a little bit.

    “Grandma, smile!”
  9. Ben just uploaded this to my Imgur.

    I don’t even know
  10. Saturday night Ben and I had our annual birthday BBQ dinner and it was awesome. we had about 20 people in attendance, and for the first time ever we didn’t have to pay for our own dinners! Yay!
  11. Sometimes I carry my dog like a sack of potatoes.
  12. I’m actually feeling really sick right now. I don’t know what’s up with me lately, headache and nausea seems to be a once a week thing.
  13. Twenty-eight things is a lot of things. Fuck.
  14. Seriously, I just want to puke. And I’m writing this from Sunday night, where I have to be at work in the morning.
  15. Speaking of being sick, our toilet is still fucking broken. The plumber came out yesterday, took one look at it and said he’d have to replace the entire thing, which means he’ll have to shut off the building water, and that requires 24 hour notice to the other tenants, plus he’ll need to get into our apartment to do the work. So I have to get my manager to give 24 hour notice and then between me, Ben, the manager, and the management company we have to nominate someone to stay here on a weekday, let the plumber in, and then lock up after he leaves. I nominate them, since it’s their fucking property and not ours, but that might end up adding another week onto our situation, seeing as our manager has a second job, and can only let people in on Mondays, which doesn’t line up with the 24 notice requirement. I hate this fucking apartment, but we can’t afford anything less shitty, and it’s not like we’re ever home anyway.
  16. Oh my God. I’m really going to throw up.
  17. Well that was super gross. Around about the time I was wondering to myself “why is this puke the consistency of pecan pie filling?” I realized the reason I feel so sick. I had completely forgotten to drink any water the entire fucking day. The only liquid I had was coffee and sprite with dinner. I brought this on myself.
  18. After I puked and brushed my teeth, I sat on the floor of the shower drinking water and being pitiful. Soon enough the water started to get cold, so I turned it up, and instead of getting warmer it stopped entirely and the sudden change in pressure caused the shower head to jump out of it’s holder and fall onto my back. It hurt.
  19. Have I mentioned I hate this apartment?
  20. Also, it’s really cold in LA right now, and I know that people in actually cold places are always making fun of “cold” days in So-Cal, but there’s something people from real winter don’t understand about this place. I could punch a hole through my wall straight to the outside of my house right now. Me, not my boyfriend or Mike Tyson, or some other stronger person than me. Just me. We have no insulation in our houses, and in really shitty apartments like this one, we have no heater. Yeah, we have a space heater, but we can’t leave that on, or use it to warm any more than about 5 radial feet in any given room. The temperature outside is the temperature inside with very few exceptions.
  21. Ok. The nausea is coming back, and this is turning dark. Remember when I was excited about 2013 and 28? Well that ends now. I’m just going to crawl into my bed, turn on the noise cancelling machine (aka my cell phone app) to drown out the neighbors, and try to keep this round of puke from joining it’s friends on the outside.
  22. UPDATE: It’s morning. I slept terribly, and although I feel slightly better about life, I feel no better physically, and I’m no longer tired enough to sleep through it.
  23. This happened last week.

    John Cleese’s 4th wife, everybody.