What I Wore: Swiss Miss

So many photos today. I don’t even like the outfit as much as I love the photos that came out of it. Since we only just started doing it, I still don’t know how to stand, or where to look, what face to make or whatever. So much of what I think is sexy or cute just turns into me looking drunk or developmentally disabled. Anyway… on with the show




My co-worker told me I looked like the Swiss Miss today. So this is me trying to look as much like a Swiss Miss as possible.


Being a ham


Doing some Yoga to show off my awesome socks.




I’m not sure if this outfit gets a gold star. I was mostly trying to find a way to wear my awesome new sun dress even though it was raining and cold. I got a lot of comments at work, mostly of the “only Marina could wear something like that” variety. Usually when I get that kind of comment, I begin to think that it might be a good outfit after all.


Sun dress from B&Lu
Collared shirt is from Target, formerly belonged to Ben
Underskirt is an old thrift store find
Socks are Smartwool, a Christmas gift from Ben’s mom
Shoes are Born, found on clearance at TJ Maxx


Oh, and this: