Weekend at the Beach

This weekend was the most awesomeness. We all went to El Capitan State Beach and camped out like we do every year, except that last year we couldn’t get the camp ground, so it was like a reunion, and a fuck-load of people came that I haven’t seen in years. I got burnt on my shoulders, and I was sick the whole weekend, but it was still assloads of fun.

James, Alistair, Pacy and Myself formed a ‘crew’. Pacy, who’s 5, and Anthony’s son, was our leader, it was fun. We talked about cleaning our rooms, and changed Alistair’s name to bird-hum. It was so cute too, coz on Sunday morning, Pacy was looking really sad, so I went over to talk to him and the conversation went something like this:

Marina: What’s wrong babe?
Pacy: I don’t wanna go home
Marina:Well sometimes you have to do things you want to do, and we have the whole day left to enjoy the beach
*we walked over and looked at the ocean*
Pacy:But I don’t wanna go home, I want to stay for four days
Marina: But think of all the cool stuff that’s waiting for you at home, like your bed and your toys and tv, you like tv don’t you?
Pacy:There’s a tv in the sea
Marina: Quick, look over there, I swear I saw a Dolphin!!
(I had decided that I didn’t have the abstract faculties to argue with a five year old)

So then we sat and talked about all the imaginary sea life we saw.

Also, there was an offshre earthquake at about 2 in the morning, and I was making bagels with Cara, Dan, Candice and Jeff, and listening to Dan’s old man stories. He told us how offshore earthquakes work, and how they would be devastating except that the water acts as a shock absorber, then we all went and stood at the edge of the cliff overlooking the water and Dan told us to stop talking and just listen, and it was fucking awesome with the waves crashing below us and the big yellow moon shimmering out onto the water. I think that was the best part of the weekend, the five of us huddled together, looking out at the sea from our cliff.

On Sunday night when I went to pick up Ben on my way to Katy’s for Queer as Folk, we figured out that the whole weekend I probably drove 350 miles or more, but it was worth it. Traffic on Friday was a bitch, but Sunday was better. When the traffic started to get bad, me and my carload went to Megan’s and drank coke, and I took a nap.

At first, I didn’t want to go, because I was sick, but it turned out that this weekend was what I really needed, I feel totally relaxed, and although I’m still sick, I don’t really mind it much.