Study Break

Too tired to study for finals, so I’m going to update my journal.

Nothing has been happening at all really. The house who’s garage I live in is getting sold, and everybody has to be out by the end of june (I think). I don’t know what to do coz it looks like there’s not going to be room for me at the new place (whatever that is, they haven’t found anything yet), because everywhere they look the houses are smaller or more expensive then the one we live in now, and that sucks a lot, because I’ll have to live in my car. That’s my main stresser right now.

Also, on Monday morning, Ben and I are leaving for his house, and I’m going to stay there for a week. It should be interesting, and he’s going to meet my dad.

I’m really really tired, and I’ve been down lately, I think it a combination of the stress of loosing the garage, plus the stress of finals, as well as being stressed out about Ben’s family and how much they’re going to hate me, in addition to the fact that after next week, I’m probably not going to see my boyfriend again until semester starts in late august, and that really sucks.