We Get It, We’re Great. Sit Down Mr. President.

So I watched about 5 minutes of the State of the Union Address, then caught the rest on Twitter. And it looks like you guys weren’t very impressed either.



I know I usually separate these and say snarky things in between them, but it is midnight, and my day starts all over again in less than 6 hours. I love you, but I love sleep more.

And if you’re wondering about Representative Michael Grimm (R, Staten Island), who tried to fight a reporter last night, it appears that he is under investigation for campaign finance violations.

When Michael Scotto from NY1 asked about this in a post-SOTU comment sesh, Rep. Grimm felt the line of questioning was unprofessional, so threatened to throw the him off a balcony and “break [him] in half like a boy.” Because when a television reporter asks you a news question, threaten him in front of the camera so that everybody knows who the real professional is.