New Job

I know, it was really fast, but I’ve already found my new job and I start today. It’s Puzzle and Dragons.

All joking aside, if you’re not playing this game right now, you’re not living any kind of life. If Pokemon and Bejeweled had a baby, it would be this game’s fat friend. Nothing else matters.

Puzzle and Dragons forever.

Back in reality, I still have no actual means of income. So that’s nice. But my last day of the old job was only just on Friday. I mean, I have a good hustle, but very few people are actually that good. Especially coming off five years in captivity. I got fat, okay*.

Anyway, I’m taking this shit seriously and making income generation my new full time job. However that happens. I’m not in a position to ask a lot of questions, if you catch my drift. So if you happen to need a favor, let’s just say I’m really good at multi-tasking.

I’ll keep it off the blog, but only for a price.

Honestly, though, I kind of feel like I’m playing house over here. But the stakes are so much higher. I mean, I’m taking it seriously too. I even set up an all staff meeting first thing Monday. I’d invite the dog and the cat, but their email skills are abysmal. Also, they lack the entrepreneurial spirit.

I’m really trying hard not to look like a desperate wreck, and I promise you, I am way more competent than my jokes would suggest, but everything’s kind of terrifying and I’m more than a little concerned that this is the time-frame people will point to when other future people ask them what went wrong with me.

*Actually, technically, I lost weight at that job, but let’s not split hairs.