New Apartment

Hey All.
I’ve noticed that everybody in Glendora works at Disneyland, which is fun because I live right around the corner now. If you didn’t know, I only lived in my car for two weeks and only two nights out of those two weeks were actually spent in my car. The rest of them I just slept at Bens becuase I was usually there anyway, so I just spent the night. After a discussion with Ben’s roommate, I moved in with them, but last month roommate moved out, and we had to either find a new roommate, or get a 1 bedroom, we decided that because we could afford a 1 bedroom together, and because roommates are fucking stupid bitches, we got an apartment to ourselves in ahaneim, right down the street from Disneyland. We can see the fireworks from our awesome patio.

So, drop me a line if you remember me and want to chill. Also, I live even closer to chain reaction, if you’re ever at a show.