Use Your Brain

For fuck’s sake.

I’m currently filling out the What Color is Your Parachute interactive tabled app, and there’s a section where I have to tell stories and then assign skills to the stories and one of the skills is “used my brain.” I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s a requirement for every possible action you will ever take. And don’t say rotting takes no brain function. Rotting’s not an action. It’s a consequence.

Also, it’s really fucking hard to make yourself think of all your best stories at the same time for the benefit of a tablet app.

I started writing about all the emotional shit that’s going on with me right now in regard to my job situation, but I can’t finish it. Basically, the short end of it is that I find out if I’m getting laid off May 6, which is next Monday. This is both way too soon and impossibly too far away. I’m not doing so well.

Anyway, here’s a beautiful fantasy from our youth.