The Time I Accidently Avoided Caffeine… for a Year

From August 2011 to September 2012, I quit drinking caffeine. I basically spent an entire year underwater.

I initially stopped because my therapist (who turned out to be crazy) suggested that my depersonalization episodes might be triggered by it. It definitely wasn’t helping the situation at the time, and laying off the caffeine in that situation was totally the right decision.

At first, I felt sunny and energized. I didn’t wake up tired, I had a natural high throughout the day…. for about two weeks. Until everything came crashing down. Then I was just like this adorable bunny gif, except not cute and all the time.

After week three, I never really woke up again. I’m not sure I even opened my eyes for eleven months. It was horrible.

So for those of you thinking of quitting caffeine, quit your quitting after week three.