Thank You Letter from Yourself

You Know Who
[email protected]
June 08, 2009
Queen of Being a Lame Looser
1615 Idiot Ave Apt. #Eat a Dick
Suckerville, State of Depression, You’re So Fat You Have Your Own Zip Code
Dear Sucker,
Thank you for thinking that I was a good influence long enough for me to take everything from you.
If only you weren’t so bitter about what happened, you’d see how great it is here. All the women are beautiful, with traumatic sexual histories that cause them to love fellatio and hate cunnilingus. And their self esteem! It’s so low that I can hardly rest between energetic fuck sessions in which I reassure them (one by one or in groups) that they are lovable, even if they are not loved.
All of the babies have been aborted and all of the Gods are judgmental old white men.
Everybody’s so helpful and glad to see me. I’m so happy I took everything from you. Your loss has been particularly helpful in making me so universally well liked and adored.
Don’t Ever Change,
Your Misogynistic Self Hatred, XOXO *hearts*