Shitty Jobs Save Lives

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David says:

I fucking loathe my job. The people are toxic and I have zero friends. None if them are even my FB friends. The upside…. I get payed pretty ok. The hours are perfect. I can take time off if needed. I can work overtime and I get free insurance. The downside…..I work with cunts. There’s no real future unless I get certified (which means two years of college for something I have zero passion for) (I’m a lab technician at a derm lab) So do I find another job to start over? It will mean starting at the bottom, getting payed less with hopes of gaining raises with my awesomeness, and paying for insurance but possibly being happier…..fml

It sounds like you have a perfect launch pad under you. A job that pays well, has perfect hours, and that you won’t be sad to kick to the curb when you’re done with it is more of a blessing than a curse.

When I was in college, I thought I wanted to be a librarian, which is a completely retarded thing for a person like me to want to be. Things I hate: research. Things I love: yelling. Seriously, every single person that knows me has had to tell me to quiet down at least once, and usually on a regular basis.

The reason I thought it would be awesome to be a librarian is because I got a job working for my university library. It was laid back, the librarians were all really cool, and the library itself was a great place to be in. Thankfully, before I actually applied to library school, I got a horrible job in the city library where I learned my lesson: As much as I love books and reading, that’s not what being a librarian is about. It took the horrible people at the city library, where I mind-numbingly organized and shelved the same shitty bestsellers between the random excitement of getting threatened by homeless people to yank me back into reality. Thankfully, I was still an undergrad when I got that terrible job, and the limited hours and high rate of pay allowed me to focus on school, which is where my attention should have been anyway.

So what does any of this have to do with your problem? Like I was with the city library, you have been blessed with a source of money that is easy to get, requires no real investment on your part, and at the same time gives you the time you need to work on other stuff. Yeah, working with cunts is awful, but you just have to look at those people as little opportunities to get the fuck out of there and never come back. Every cunty thing they say or do is one more piece of motivation to cultivate your own shit in the background and outside of work.

Take their money and invest it in yourself. Take a class, teach a class, set up an online empire, get a customer base for your start-up, do whatever you want to. The sky’s the limit, especially since it sounds like you can take time if you need it, but also get overtime if you need money. This place seems like the perfect job to finance your future.

Make a list of everything that’s keeping you from making comparable money at a career you really want. Then take the extra time you have from this job, get the training and cultivate the skills and experience it’ll take you to get those things while these cunts pay for it all. Make every terrible day with them a reason to go straight to your real work as soon as you get home.

When you feel like you’re ready (or if you feel like you’re ready now) start looking with the intention of finding a new job in 6 months. It’ll be easier to asses your potential employers or business ventures with objectivity if you don’t need the job. When you already have a job, you don’t have to take shit just because that’s the first thing that comes along. In the meantime, you can do things like save money on the chance that you do have to take a pay cut, and if you get offers you’re not sure about, you can really think about them without worrying about what turning them down will mean for you.

I happened to be lucky in that even at the city library I did manage to find a few friends, and even though it was hard to have so many people with such shitty attitudes around me all day long, I focused on the good eggs, kept my head down, and planned my escape.

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  1. It’s kinda weird that you’re all about feminism and throw around the R word like it’s nothing. By weird, I mean shitty.

    1. Yeah, I also say bitch, cunt and fuck. I use foul language, that has nothing to do with my ideals. If you’re political preferences are to wait for a keyword to hit your filter so you can bitch out about it, than you go ahead and have fun. Maybe my blog isn’t for you.

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