Sexas Ranger – Review of Hot on His Trail by Zavo

cover48509-mediumHot on His Trail by Zavo

Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy.

I never read the wild West adventure books Hot On His Trail is clearly modeled after. Hell, I barely even read Nancy Drew. But if’n you appreciate liberal use of the word “if’n,” I reckon this here’s the book for you. This is the good review I promised Bold Stokes Books after the panning I gave their other offering, First Exposure.

Texas Ranger Jake is, as the title suggests, hot on the trail of supposed outlaw Ben, but what he doesn’t know is that this simple chase and capture is about to lead him on the adventure of a lifetime. Jake catches Ben, Ben escapes and turns the tables on Jake with sexy results, Jake and Ben are captured together with sexy results, then recaptured, rescued, released, and set on the right path. All with sexy, sexy results.

If you like descriptions of big dudes fucking each other in a fantasy land where trail-worn asshole tastes like candy, boy do I have a book for you.

This is good clean fun. And by clean, I really mean clean. Don’t think too hard about the unlikelihood of how happy everyone is to engage in sloppy, satisfying analingus with everyone else in this book.

My one complaint is that Jake and Ben end up in and out of so many scrapes and circumstances that they don’t really seem like heroes. They basically stumble, sometimes literally from one hard cock to the next. Which, on its face isn’t a bad way to live, but at the end of the day I had a hard time not worrying sick.

Especially considering that the book ends on a cliffhanger with the lovers separated, and one in mortal peril. I know it’s not that kind of book, but I have absolutely no faith in these boys ability to preserve their own lives. The hard truth is, they got more dick than sense.

4 out of 5 stars for being a joyful, unpretentious wild West fuck-fest.