Least Helpful Tweets About AIDS

You may know that today, Dec. 1, is World AIDS Day. The purpose of this day is to bring awareness about HIV/AIDS, show support for people living with the virus,and mourn those who have passed away. It’s a great opportunity to educate people about HIV/AIDS, as well as the importance regular testing and safe sex. Your social media streams will probably be filled with helpful, informative and supportive messages that will make you a better, kinder, and safer person going forward into the year ahead. This blog, however, will not be contributing to that. If you want to know the facts about HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention, and how to be a good advocate this World AIDS Day, there are about a million other sites and pages who will gladly take care of that for you.

Here, you will find laughter, the best medicine of all. Well, after antiretrovirals. Without further ado I present to you the Least Helpful Tweets About AIDS Hall of Fame:

Of course, I have to shout out my own damn follower. He was the only person to respond to that tweet, by the way.

During my search for this list, twitter very kindly tried to interest me in The Deadliest Catch official twitter account. So this is doubly hilarious for me, since twitter apparently didn’t know this either.

Look at the name! I die.

That’s one way to cash in on unemployment.

This is true. And if you drive into the city from the ghetto, say up La Brea like I do, every other billboard is either “Men of color: you have aids!” or “Women of color, stop making fat babies!”

Well, that’s a relief.

I always wondered this too. How do they get that number?

BONUS! Apparently Band-aids have a distinct smell. Not being a regular user of the bitch sticker, I had no clue this was actually a thing. No matter. Please enjoy my ‘Smells Like Band-aids’ Tweet Hall of Fame

When I first read this, I thought it said “This bus smells like AIDS.” Which would have been a much better tweet.

Of course, please consider our friends at Planned Parenthood this World AIDS Day