How To Know If Your Boyfriend Loves You

This was one of the suggested search topics I might want to cater to according to my SEO keyword thingy. Finding out if your boyfriend loves you is a simple three step process.

1. Ask him.
2. Listen to his answer.
3. Go on with your life.

If you have the type of boyfriend who you can’t trust to answer you honestly, you have way more problems than love can fix.

There is so much nonsense out there that tries to act like love is the be all and end all of human connection and that’s shit. You love things and people that are bad for you all the time. I still love my abusive mother. That’s complete idiocy! That’s like loving the bear that mauled you.

Nobody does this with any other impulse. I was hungry, so I ate some nails, yeah I know nails aren’t edible, but I was really hungry you guys.

You see what I mean?

Anyway, goodnight.