Everybody Calm Down, Paid Menstrual Leave Isn’t Real -OR- Should Boring Non-Story Writers Get Shot Into Space?

The Atlantic is making news with this paid menstrual leave story, obviously it’s been a slow week for us all.

For those of you concerned that anyone actually wants this possibly sexist, totally stupid legislation, don’t be. It’s some shit Japan started after World War II that a couple of other East Asian countries also do in the name of providing a lady-friendly work environment, and helping the delicate flowers preserve their strength for future baby making. The women in those countries don’t even take full advantage of it because who in their right mind would call out cunt bloody?

It looks to me like somebody had a slow day, so she thought up a question no sane person would ask, and answered it with a resounding no in her own article just to give the readership something to click on.

The crazy shit people write about when they don’t have anything else to draw on.

Good thing we’re all professionals at this blog.

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