Christmas Twitter Hall of Fame

This is becoming a holiday tradition, and I really love it. Without further ado, the Christmas Twitter Hall of Fame for 2012

It begs the question, what in the world could be missing from this?

Mara, Ben’s sister, has pointed out that maybe holiday food time should not be anal sex time. We all tend to agree.

So the weirdness only just occurred to you?

Bless you.

WARNING: If you click on the link for this tweet it is straight up NSFW. There is totally open vagina and booty hole.

Bonus end of the world tweet from my buddy Aldo

Aw crap, it’s Dec. 31st and I’m sitting here adding this to all my posts because I said I’d have it here until the end of the year and I didn’t. I suck I know. Still, support Planned Parenthood because they’re amazing and the things they do are awesome.