Carmel Vacation: Day 2

The one complaint I have about the Carmel Wayfarer Inn was that their beds are too soft. Ben and I are probably outliers since we sleep on a futon set on top of a plywood plank, but the mattress we slept on was so soft that my arms and legs kept falling asleep.

After our rather numb and restless night, it was recommended we go to Katy’s Place. I have to tell you, one of the best parts of this vacation is that at no point did we get into a car. We walked everywhere and it was amazing. The wait at Katy’s was about 20 minutes, which is not nearly as long as the wait at Ben and my favorite breakfast spot here at home (shout out to Uncle Bill’s!)

As spoiled as we’ve been by Uncle Bill’s, Katy’s Place would be at least as good, but what puts them above Bill’s is the farm fresh eggs they use. You can taste and see the different in the bright orangeness of the eggs and the rich, deep flavor. Amazing food and fast, wonderful service.

After breakfast, we wandered through the neighborhood on our way down to the beach. The houses in Carmel all have names, which are lovingly spelled out in every imaginable medium on gates and above doorways. They range in style from ultra-modern constructions of glass and metal to adorable fairy tail cottages that look more like illustrations than dwellings.

When we got to the beach, there were dogs everywhere. Ben gave me the camera for a little bit and I took as many pictures of happy dogs playing in the ocean as I could. We spent a couple of hours at the beach before we walked back up the hill to our hotel where we all read in the courtyard in the chilled afternoon sun.

We had eaten such a large and late breakfast that we skipped lunch (although Ben and I snacked because, you know, fatties.) Dinner was at Dametra Cafe and I can’t say enough good things about it. Everybody’s dinner was amazing, especially good was the gyro in Ben’s dad’s Greek plate. Hands down, it was the best gyro I’ve ever had.

The highlight of the evening came half way through our meal when several of the waitstaff stepped into the room holding instruments and proceeded to sing boisterously while others of the waitstaff picked a couple of women from random tables to dance while everybody else clapped and cheered. Personally, I’d probably hate to be picked, but it was really fun to watch and clap. Especially since it turned out that one of the women was a dance instructor. Dametra Cafe was definitely the highlight of the trip for me.