Only Sort of Unpleasant Things

I’ve been literally under the weather for the last couple of weeks. The wind is blowing around all my allergens and my medicine can only do so much.

I usually take half a dose; last week I started at a full dose, and this week I’ve been doing double doses every day. Even with the extra help, I’m pretty wiped out. Usually this means that, not only am I not really engaging my creative mind, I’m also kind of morose. I try not to let it spill over onto the blog, but that means less writing about less things in an effort to avoid sad sack navel gazing.

That meeting I told you guys about yesterday wasn’t good news, and now I feel like it’s really time to take some action. But I’m so tired.

I tried to get some writing help from twitter tonight. Nothing doing.

I guess that’s why I’m the blogger and you guys are the readers.

See now? This is just getting sad.

In other news, Ben’s car blew up, so he sold it for parts and we went out for sushi on the proceeds.

There was a douchebro there who, among other things claimed that:

  • Gun control is not what we need. What we need is a national initiative to educate every single citizen in gun safety. No word on who’s funding this insanity.
  • He’s just “operating on a higher plane” than all his friends that that’s why nobody gets him.
  • He was really overjoyed that his mom recently told him she was proud of him for the first time in his life… then proceeded to wax poetic about his binge drinking and womanizing.
  • Some dude he knows thinks they should go to a war-torn Middle Eastern country to, like, help and all his other friends think that is cray cray.
  • We should really just leave those Middle Easterners alone. We don’t have any right to say that the traditions they’ve upheld for hundreds of years (ed. note: like genital mutilation?) are oppressive to women. That’s not our business and we should just stop telling those people (and by people we mean men) what to do.
  • Besides, eventually Islamic thinking is going to catch up to Western thinking and they’ll stop being such fucktards, just like we did. Because we “evolved.” <- true life, he used the word "evolve."

The friend that was with him actually seemed a lot smarter and kept saying things like “well, the thing about that is [much nicer way to state that his crazy gun fantasies are completely untennable in almost every situation], and “When I was in the Middle East [humanizing observation about a different culture that made me feel like maybe there’s hope for us after all].

I really hope smart friend got at least a beejer for having to sit through all that freshman-year slop. Ben said he doesn’t think that their relationship is like that, but I think a nice beej would really take the edge off all that idiocy.