Porn’s Here!

I just heard that I have to be at work at 9 a.m. tomorrow. So it’s time to go to bed.

But this happened earlier.

And then when I came home, this was here:

Isn’t it glorious?

Ben saw it somewhere on the Internets and thought it might be my thing. At first I wasn’t too interested since I don’t enjoy manga, but a second look convinced me it was at least worth my $20 to check it out. I’ll tell you how I like it after I’ve read it.

P.S. While I’ve been writing this, Ben’s been looking through the book.

Ben: “This guy has a serious mustache… Oh man, is he some sort of detective? Dude, he solves cases with gay butt sex!”

This is everything I look for in an everything.

Also, I wrote the first little bit of the next chapter of Sleeping:

Unless you’ve been a child alone, you have never been alone. You have no failures, and therefore no lessons learned about your own toughness. No successes mean no evidence that anything has ever gone right. Without even demons, you float in utter uncertainty.

Add to this the gnawing pit of hunger, and it’s surprisingly easy to slip the bonds of your already tenuous grasp on humanity. This is how they trained us.

I’m exploring the plot mechanisms of the story in my notebooks, and it sort of looks like I’m an evil mastermind.