Take it Like a 90 Minute Thriller

So this morning I was in the shower singing this song

And I told Ben (we shower together) “you know this is one of two songs where Rihanna talks about being taken ‘like a thief in the night.'”

Ben: How does does that work, like, should I be scared and dressed in black, should I run away through a window afterwards?

Me: No, it’s more about being silent and unnoticed.

Ben: So you just wake up and go ‘did someone fuck me last night?’

Me: Yeah

Ben: [imitates waking up] ‘Oh, my, where did all this seaman come from?’
That’s stupid. If I’m going to get taken, it’s Oceans 11 style heist or nothing.

Me: So, what, there’s got to be at least 7 dudes and one of them is George Clooney?

Ben: Or Matt Bomer from White Collar, that’d be cool too.

I think we can all see why.

Ben: Seriously though, if you want to be taken like a thief in the night, I’ll just hit you with a baseball bat and search you for valuables. But I guess Chris Brown already did that.

Me: Bam.

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