Who The Fuck Is Deadpool?

So lately, EVERYwhere (tumblr) I go (tumblr) on the Internet (não, só tumblr) there’s this little red guy, doing ridiculous things.

Credit for this art goes to DeviantArt user M7781 << Everybody remind me to send a link to this page to them once it publishes. Because, as you know, I'm a child and can't remember how to do things for myself.

His name is Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool, and he is a Marvel superhero who has similar regenerative powers to Wolverine, except that he also has cancer all over his body that sort of kills him and keeps him alive all at the same time, which makes him slightly crazy, and allows him to realize that he is in a comic book. He also has better than human everything: strength, stamina, agility and the like.

Oh, also he’s totally deformed. At least most of the time.

He’s basically the entire Doom Patrol (DC), except with jokes. There’s is something I always thought Doom Patrol lacked: laughs. And no, I’m not being facetious. That comic was a comedy gold mine, and all they talked about is how much everything sucked. Superheroes, am I right?

Anyway, fun seems to be part of his appeal. For example, this guy dresses up like Deadpool and fucks with people at cons. (In the best way.)

This one’s my favorite.

The Internet thinks him and Spiderman should hook up.

I’m OK with it.

He does seem to have that wise-cracking temperament that made me love Spiderman in the first place, only more so. Which is great. Because if there’s one thing I really adore, it’s something I already liked, only more of it.

Apparently there’s a Deadpool movie in the works with Ryan Reynolds as the eponymous crazy. He’s slated to reprise his role from the Wolverine movie, but with the floppiness that seems to surround superhero movies with that guy in them, I wonder if the studios will really follow through on their plan.

So, while I haven’t read any Deadpool comics, I do have them on my wish list. Like much of what the Internet seems to love, there definitely seems to be something to this Deadpool character. Something I quite enjoy.

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  1. Incase you havent figured it out deadpool uses 2 sword and a few guns. He can also teleport. Deadpools healing factor is so strong he can reattach limbs including his head. One more thing deadpool has his own video game for pc and xbox. Im sorry if i miss spelled something.

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