Fitbit’s First Bath

Last night when Ben was washing the clothes I decided it would be fun to make him try to wrestle them off me. It sounds douchey when you I write it out like that, but at the time he seemed to enjoy it. He won.

However, I totally forgot that my fitbit was attached to the shirt I was wearing. So it got a little bit of a bath. And trip through the dryer. No harm done, except that the clip case I use to clip it to my clothes is falling apart now. So I have to get another one of those. Oh well.

I’m still stuck in that weird half a sickness thing. The heart pounding, having trouble breathing situation is also going strong and happening in the daytime now as well. So that’s fun.

Obviously I’m taking this extremely seriously.

I still think it’s allergies. Is that unreasonable?

Anyway, I have to go to bed now. Struggling to breathe all day really takes it out of a girl.