Do Fictional Characters Go to Heaven?

This is my whole life right now. I’m about 2/3rds through The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and I actually had to take a break and get a shitty romance to listen to in order to come down from the Michael Chabon induced psychosis I was putting myself into. Seriously, I have lost sleep over the characters in Kavalier and Clay basically every night of every day I spend listening to that damn book. I just really care about them and want them to be happy from the bottom of my black little heart.

On the other side of the spectrum, the light and easy romance I got to relax myself with ended up making things worse. The plot was so shitty that by the end of this (really too long) melodrama, there had been so many petty arguments, such a complete lack of communication, and generally bad characterization that I not only thought that the only reason the leads should be together is to spare any other people the displeasure of their company, I also kind of wanted them to die. They were awful, and actually spent more of the book apart than together. In fact, they were broken up until the last 10 minutes, at which point a single conversation apparently solved all their problems and set them on the path to endless coupled bliss. Gag. Plus there was only one extremely vague and boring sex scene. What the crap?

Now I can’t decide if I should go back to K&C or try to find another break book. Maybe I should just take a break from listening to audiobooks altogether for a couple of days. I get so into the good ones, and so angry at the bad ones that it seriously affects my mood. Yes. I think a break is in order.

Anyway, I just ate a shit ton of garlic because every other person in my office is fighting off something, getting over something, or coming down with something. Honestly, I think I may have just joined their nefarious and snotty ranks. My throat is sore, my muscles ache and I feel an overwhelming sense of impending doom. But that may just be my period coming.