Marina Is Go on Etsy

At long last, I am proud to announce the launch of my Etsy store, Marina Is Go.

The music in this video, along with many more equally professional tracks can be found at the artist, Depard‘s AudioJungle store. His prices are really good.

Now that the major work of the initial push is done, I’m hoping it can be something that runs in the background. I’ll blog about my listings, and keep a link in the sidebar, maybe even have an ad in a post here and there to drum up business if I feel like it. My intention is to have it as a small time income generator, and as a marketing exercise. Not a lot of other venues can showcase all my skills (design, writing, marketing, video) in the way that an Etsy store can while developing new skills like photography and business management.

If you know anybody who would like a promo for their Etsy store (or any other kind of store), email me and we can talk rates.