College Stuff

At school, fucking around on the library computers, waiting for the time to go to work.

Have I told anyone lately how much I hate spoiled bratty little anorexic orange county children, they make me puke. I’ll summarize my bitchfest:

1)Why must you wear spike fucking heels to school? At least we know whose Daddy donated a wing to the new residence building in order to get her in here, yes we doo!
2) Really, I promise, that somewhere, out there, in the wider world there is someone cooler than you, I swear. And even if you are, by sheer luck, THE COOLEST PERSON ALIVE, it still doesn’t matter because you were born a moron, and no amount of Prada can change that.

Love all my classes, except for World Lit 3 where the teacher has both an accent and a lisp, and appears to just read notes off a laptop in a monotone for the entire class. At least the books he assigned are good.