Shit in my mouth and call me sherley

Saturday before last, I moved to Azusa, along with Kate and her sister and her mom and dad. I was crazy and hectic and awful, but as least we were done and didn’t have to worry about it, right? No. Yesterday, I moved to Huntington Beach by myself to rent a room from a fiend of mine. It was crazy and hectic but I had a buttload of people helping me and it was fairly easy since most of my crap was still in boxes anyway. With just my crap, I filled 3 cars, 1 station wagon, 1 van and a truck with a bedcover.

This move cuts my commute in less than half, which is rockin. Plus, yesterday was apparently the worst in terms of heat: it was only 88 degrees! Say goodbye to 3 digit temperatures (goodbye). Also, the beach is 5 minutes away, rejoice. And, on top of that my rent is only $50 more, which is less than what I saving in gas money by moving here.

I also saw We don’t live here anymore with my grandma this weekend. She hated it, I just didn’t get it. I think I would have hated it more if she hadn’t paid for my ticket. All in all, it was a pretty useless film.