Two men enter, one man leave

Ben is back!! So that’s what I was doing this morning, but now I am at work, and we’re packing up all the rest of the stuff we need to move, and tomorrow I’ll go to work in the new building, yay! Also, this is a lot of fun, because we are just fucking around and bragging about how much crap we can fit into one box. And, I get to shred papers, I think that is so fun.

I bought all my books for the new semester, so I am no longer freaking out over not being able to afford them, because I obviously did.

I sold $50 worth of merchandise yesterday, and put most of it in my gas tank or in my stomach.

I also saw De-Lovely. It was a tear jerker, because Cole Porter died alone, he had stopped talking to his friends after his leg got amputated, and that’s not a spoiler, it’s a fact. Anyway, my boss said that he read an article that said that the movie didn’t really address his homosexuality. I think it did better than most films of the day in reguards to that aspect: The film actually admits that he was gay. The thing that irked me there was that, while he wasn’t atracted to her at all, the relationship that he had with his wife seemed to eclipse all the relationships he had with men in terms of intimacey, which I think is probably bullshit. Other than that, Ashley Judd can’t act.

Wednesday’s always suck more than other weekdays, like, if this was a Friday or even a Thursday or a Tuesday, it would be the best day ever, but Wednesday has tainted it. The only day that sucks as much as Wednesday is Monday, but at least with Mondays you have the strength of the weekend at your back, on Wednesdays, there is only weekday as far as the eye can see in either direction, like the desert from Mad Max: Return to Thunderdome; the one with Tina Turner.