Why I Won’t Be Sharing that Missing Persons Post

When I was in high school and my abusive mom would kick me out of the house and tell me never to come back, or keep me awake all night with her terrifying ranting, I’d go somewhere else so I could sleep. When this happened, or sometimes when I’d just gotten up and gone to class, she would call my school and several of my friend’s and parents claiming that I’d run away. She has a narrative that I am a sick person, an abuser who uses drugs, steals things, and will say or do anything in my power to get money and valuables out of people in order to further my own ends. As my mother, she of course loves me with her whole heart and is only sad that her own former life as a drug addict has lead me to this terrible end. Which is why any person would of course tell this dangerous personality the exact whereabouts of the troubled daughter in question.

This is something that a lot of abusers do. The abusive personality is obsessed with control. Even when it makes no sense, they need to know the location of their target. Sometimes, and when they have the means, they use this knowledge to stalk their victim. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, 76% of women who have been murdered by their partner were stalked first. Unfortunately, it looks like the majority of statistics on stalking and murder have to do with female victims who were killed by a partner. Of course anybody knows that stalkers can be any gender, and that parents can be stalkers too.

This is why, barring an Amber alert, which we all get on our cell phones anyway, I will not be turning my personal online network into a signal boost from someone I don’t know sharing information I can’t verify on someone else I don’t know. I tend to believe that if your child ran away from you, or if you say your child ran away from you, it’s for a damn good reason.