Week One Down

The new gig is really great, as are all my clients and projects. I’m really tired, and I’ve been working a lot of hours every day to keep the wheels on everything. I understand this isn’t a permanent situation. As much as I like working like this, I know there’s no way I can keep up like I am. I wake at around 7 am, start working shortly after that, and am usually still working well after midnight. Right now it’s 1:40 am, and I’m only stopping because it seems like as good a place as any to take a rest.

I’m running on adrenaline, using that to push everything that needs pushing, but eventually this isn’t going to maintain. Whether things will be slowing down, or whether I’ll just get better at juggling everything, or delegating or something, I have yet to determine.

I love being useful, and having people reach out to me, which is why I expanded instead of turning away work, but it’s a scary proposition either way. The blog may have to change, or it may stay the same. It’s probably going to be kind of short for awhile.