Did you guys know that it is transgender awareness week? I knew when transgendered remembrance day was (I have since forgotten.) Just a random fact

I think it’s kinda funny that, last week, Novia broke up with the only transperson I knew, so now I don’t have any transfriends for transrememberance week. Sadface. Also, a little bit of ironyface

Waiting to register for classes for next semester and inter-term, on my universities fucked internet registration system. Might have two classes with this really chill professor from first semester, yay.

Go here: It’s a little cartoon about the arjuno hate-murder. I read the other day that they had her name legally changed to Gwen, so the defender can’t refer to her as eddie, in order to suggest that her trans-ness was and excuse for her violent death. That makes me happy. It also makes me sad that Gwen Stephani, who used to be chill, who the girl took as her namesake hasn’t said a word. Gwen from the first two albums would have spoken out, but that Gwen has been replaced with a shallow husk of sold out, corporate cock-suck.