The Eternal Question


Happy April Fools’ Day!

This year, I decided to make a splash page to honor this month’s third most-popular search term that leads people to my site: “why girls do masturbation.”

This is a slightly deceptive honor. For March 2015, only three people have used “why girls do masturbation” to find my little blog. However, the vast majority of people who find us via Google are masked, and therefore I have no idea what they searched for.

“Why girls do masturbation” is actually tied at third with two other searches “how to cover up a hickey with makeup tumblr” and “man sucking dick.” First place, “sync s notes with evernote” will lead the savvy searcher to my extremely informative how-to on syncing your Samsung’s proprietary note-taking program with your Evernote subscription. Two of these searches were boring and the other one was actually too lewd for an entire splash page. Also, that’s not so much a prank as it would be a gift. And this is not April Gifts Day.

And of course, I have my famous “Masturbation Techniques” post to thank for all of it. Despite it’s age, that post is still responsible for 10% of my annual traffic today. Which, of course, is why girls do masturbation. For the pageviews.